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12 Mar

Track Your Spending on the Go with the Best Budget Apps in Canada 2019


Posted by: Garth Chapman

We have found that crafting and sticking to a realistic budget has been a key in our own financial health.  In our early years together, after our expenses started to get ahead of our income, we started with a hand-written budget and an envelope for each expense item.  These days we have computers and smart phones, so it is so much easier now to create a budget and manage.  Here is a good breakdown of what is available in 2019.  Each of these Apps has a different approach, so you might just find the one that fits you from this selection of Apps.

From the article “Whether we like to admit it or not, money has a powerful influence on our lives. Your bank account balance affects whether you can pursue higher education, own a home and have a secure retirement. Having a good income is nice, but the health of your finances can often depend on how you manage the money you make, rather than on how much you make.

While it would be great if we could all afford to have our own personal financial manager, budgeting is something most of us must do on our own. Luckily, thanks to the popularity of smartphones and an ever-growing array of finance apps, it’s possible to have your own mobile money manager in the palm of your hand.

The best budgeting apps work by making it as easy and automatic as possible to see where your money goes. Many apps link directly to your financial accounts and instantly tabulate your savings and expenses. Others highlight key areas of concern like debt repayment or can show you where you’re overspending.”

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