You and your team made the mortgage process very easy and transparent, and we are thrilled with the mortgage terms we got.!

David Lindenbach – 2019

I met Garth through REIN (Real Estate Investment Network).  I had heard about his level-headed approach to investing, and after a bad experience with another broker I was only interested in hiring the best.  Garth certainly did not disappoint; he in fact exceeded my expectations in all aspects!

Garth draws from a deep well of hands-on experience investing in properties, and he is an invaluable resource to me and my portfolio.  He’s a straight-shooter who will tell you what you need to hear, even when it’s not what you want to hear, and that rare trait has saved me untold headaches and countless thousands of dollars.  It is rare that a mortgage broker convinces you to walk away from more deals than not, even though he could have gotten you the financing, because he is truly invested in your success long-term.

Garth is so much more than a mortgage broker; he is a coach, a pragmatist, a leader in his field, and just a really good guy.  I can’t recommend Garth highly enough, or provide enough punctuation around this point!  We have done several deals together, and you can bet I wouldn’t go anywhere else for the next ones.

Edan Lindenbach – 2017

“In June of last year, my partner and I were looking to purchase a commercial / residential property.  After talking to the mortgage broker our realtor recommended it was clear she was over her head in this type of unique property.

It was recommended to talk to Garth who would be able to figure it out.  I found him polite, professional, personable and knowledgeable on the commercial market and how best to maneuver through the waters.

We ended up passing on the commercial property, but the trust I gained from Garth, made me think of him first when we decided to move our home.

I would recommend Garth to anyone in search of lending advice.”

Aaron Streeton – 2017

“Thank you all for your diligent work getting the purchase and sale of our new houses sorted out. There is no doubt that your work behind the scenes kept everything running smoothly made the process as stress free as possible.”

Dan & Tawny Tersmette – 2017

“We have used Jencor for two properties we now own and have found the service from Garth and his staff to be beyond exceptional. They are on top of every detail of the process quickly, efficiently and humbly.
Thank you for a great experience.”
Jim Osterreicher, 2015

Garth and his team walked me through what to do, what to get, where to sign, etc. They basically held my hand through the entire process of purchasing my first home! I really appreciate that they went above and beyond to make it a smoother experience for me.

Brandon Dykstra 

I used Garth when buying my first home around 5 years ago. He came highly recommended to me by a friend, and it’s easy to see why. As a first time home buyer I knew nothing. Garth and the underwriter Jeff, we awesome at answering questions and explaining my different options in ways even I could understand. This year, I have two more mortgages through Garth on both a personal home and an investment property. He has great attention to detail and was always very attentive when my wife and I had any questions or concerns. It was a very long process for us to find the right house for us, along the way Garth always kept us updated about the changing market and how our options changed over time. I will continue to recommend Garth to my friends and family in the future.

Zack Hartle 2017

My fiancé and I were buying our first house. We had no idea what we were getting into. Garth took the time to understand where we coming from. He took time to explain everything. He made us very comfortable with the biggest purchase of our life. He was available all hours of the day and prepared us for a seamless transition to being home owners. I fully recommend the “Garth” experience.

Jordan Yntema 2017

“Garth is not only a detail-oriented professional who manages the mortgage approval process very well, but he is a trusted advisor who has your long-term best interests in mind. I appreciate all of the hard work!”

– Stephan Maslo.  2017

“Most mortgage brokers talk about the best rates. Garth talks about longer term strategy first and then looks for the best lender and mortgage product and rate that will support that strategy. This is critical for every investor and home buyer.  I hate to sell my real estate but when Garth pointed out that I was earning only a 2% return on my equity in a couple of properties, I sold them. We then purchased two investment properties in Peachland, BC. With the renovation work done the first property alone is already worth 40% more than our all-in cost, and the net income from it is already running at an annualized rate of 9% return on investment!  When the second renovation is completed our ROI will be 13.6%. Our retirement is now secure and we have the money to continue to develop our properties and increase our cash flow. If you need some help in defining how you will achieve your financial freedom then check out Garth’s Roadmap to Financial Freedom offering at or email him there at – Well done Garth!”

– Murray Wood , 2017