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12 Jun

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

About Mortgage Brokers

Posted by: Garth Chapman

A professional mortgage broker has your interests in mind. They have the knowledge and experience to save you time and will act as a valuable partner throughout the entire mortgage process, expertly handling complex details with the real estate agent, lawyer, lender, and the credit agency. We have the negotiating power and expertise to offer you the best choices available for your specific needs.

  • Jencor Mortgage is independently owned and operated; working for you, not the banks. We believe in unbiased independent advice.
  • Since we’re not affiliated with any one lender, Jencor can offer you the widest choice of mortgage options from dozens of different sources. That includes Canada’s largest banks, insurance firms, pension funds, private lenders and more.
  • Because we place thousands of mortgages each year with different lenders throughout Canada we can obtain rates that are consistently lower than many other Canadian brokers.
  • Because we specialize in mortgages and nothing else, we’re always aware of the latest products on the market. If a mortgage that suits your needs becomes available, we’ll know about it immediately and make sure it’s part of the choices we offer you.

And…all this comes at no cost to you, as we are paid directly by the mortgage lenders.