Garth believes that mortgage financing is a critically important element within the decision to purchase or refinance a property, whether for your primary home, a vacation home, or an investment property.  It’s important to fit that financing decision properly into your financial capacity, needs and objectives. And it really isn’t that complicated.  It just takes a few minutes to have a dialog and to listen carefully to the borrower’s answers to a few key questions.

Garth began his career as an 18-year old entrepreneur in the Trucking industry, later moving into senior management roles, business ownership, and then consulting to small business owners, with his years since 2003 years focused on real estate investment and his Mortgage Broker role.  He has enjoyed a wide range of real estate investments including owning and operating up to 44 units of rental properties in Alberta & BC, completing over 60 profitable property flips, several apartment building condo conversions, major and minor renovation projects, land subdivision, lease-options and agreements-for-sale, and of course continues to own and operate residential rental properties in Calgary.

Transacting well over $25 million in real estate along with another $5 million in property improvements has provided Garth with a broad range of experience with a wide variety of lenders and financing strategies.

Garth has been a REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) member since 2003 and during that time has been awarded Top 10 investor awards in 2004, 2005 & 2006. Garth was honoured with the prestigious Michael Millenaar Memorial Leadership Award in 2005, 2007, 2013 and 2018 – the only person in the country given this top award four times!

Garth also co-developed the REMA Real Estate software suite to assist investors with analysis of prospective purchases, cash-flow projections and management of their existing properties.

Outside of his Mortgage Broker role, Garth provides Consulting Services for Investors and Small Business Owners primarily around defining long-term goals and action plans via his RoadMap to Financial Freedom program, and also on financial analysis, budgeting, cash-flow management and projections, as is contained within his financial analysis tool for investment property portfolios that allows him to then walk investors through what his analysis reveals to find opportunities to improve the performance of their portfolios, and to make those decisions within the context of their long-term life plans (from the RoadMap).  Garth is always open to a conversation to see if there is a way he can make a meaningful contribution to the performance or direction of your business or real estate investments.

Garth’s first-hand experience in real-estate and business provides his Clients with an uncommon advantage in their search for sound advice, portfolio analysis and the best available financing solution.

Garth’s LinkedIn profile contains extensive background information and several Testimonials.

“Garth’s Experience – Your Advantage”